Description Standart Method
Kinematic viscosity at 100C, mm2/sec, min 4.5 - 5.5 ASTM D445
Viscosity index, min 92 ASTM D2270
Carbon residue, %, max 0,04 ASTM D4530
The acid number, mg КОН/1 gram of oil 0,010 ASTM D974
Ash content, %, max 0.005 ASTM D492
Content of mechanical impurities, % none GOST 6370
Water content, %, max 100 ASTM D6304
Flash point determined in open cup, C, min 195 ASTM D92
Pour point, C, max -10 ASTM D97
Colour, CNT unit, max 1.0 ASTM D1500
Sulphur content, % mass, max 0,3 ASTM D5294
Density at 20C, kg/m3, max 875 ASTM D4052
NOACK Volatility, %, max 16 ASTM D5800
Outward appearance Bright&Clear Visual

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