We trade mainly three groups of products, Base Oils, Lubricant Additives and some other Petrochemicals.

Troychem  handles  base oil  in bulk at its own strategic storage terminal located in the Gebze Port area, Turkey.

In addition to bulk shipments, other packaging options depending on the products as drums, flexi bags and iso tank are also available.

Please click each product to see the technical specification.

Base Oils (Only Virgin)

Lubricant Oil Additives

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Group 1 Base Oils

SN80 SN100 SN150 SN350 SN500

Group 2 Base Oils

Group 3 Base Oils

Industrial Oil Additives
(Additive Chemie Luers)

Engine Oil Lubricant Additives
(BRB - International)

Esters (Temix Oleo)

HAB (Heavy Alkyl Benzene)

MEG (Mono Etyhlene Glycol)

Solvents (White Spirit)



Sluck Wax

Brake Fluids DOT 3 & DOT 4