TROYCHEM is a subsidiary company of Uzgoren Kimya which started its business life in Turkey on 1998.

By the establishment of TROYCHEM DMCC in Dubai,  our business concept has expanded to a broad variety of chemical and petrochemical products including related logistics, inventory management and customized services on international scale.

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Uzgören Kimya


1- To stick to our principle of acting as an honest seller in every stage of the service we provide to our customers.

2- To become a leader as a trustworthy corporation which is able to meet the requirements of the sector and adjust to the changes and developments.

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One of the leading companies in its sector, UZGÖREN KİMYA started its activities and services in chemical sector in 1998. It provides an integrated service in the supply, storage and distribution of castable and packed chemicals. It has become a trusted company with its close relations with the customers, high quality service perspective based on problem solving and professional staff. UZGÖREN KİMYA, who always aims to protect the benefits of its customers according to its operational principles and strengthens its position in the market more and more everyday thanks to sustainable mutual improvement via cooperation, addresses to all industrial groups with its diverse product line. Textile, metal, dye, adhesive, cleaning, automotive, furniture, packaging and other sectors along with the final manufacturer of such sectors are among the customer groups of our company.

As UZGÖREN KİMYA and TROYCHEM DMCC companies, we have been carrying on our service activities for over 14 years based on high quality products, reasonable prices and customer satisfaction along with our mutual respect, trust and honesty principles.